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BODY POSITIVE SEWING - Cottesloe Swimsuit

Okay, holding my breath a little, here we go!!! It's Amanda of @amanda.isewalot and here i am back on the Pin and Sew Blog with my newest make.

cotteslow bikini swimsuit Amanda I sew a lot
The lovely Aga recently put a call out to see if anyone on the blogger team would be interested in doing a blog post featuring swimwear and her new swim/activewear fabric.

At first, I was extremely hesitant as I was not sure about posting photos of myself in swimwear on the internet and I think my lovely co-bloggers also had reservations. Despite my initial feelings somehow here I am in all my glory. Whilst I had every intention of using ALL THE FILTERS I came to the conclusion that in doing so I would be contributing to the pressure placed on us today by the media which made me entertain that very thought process in the first place. That somehow my amazing body which has got me through the ups and downs of the last 42 years, has carried and given birth to twins and is so much stronger than I give it credit for is not something that I should be ashamed of. Yes, I should probably work out, yes I should probably not eat as much mac n cheese and yes I should probably take better care of my body but does that mean that I should feel embarrassed or ashamed of how it looks?

This post was not meant to turn to body positivity but when you are putting yourself out there posing in a bikini it is hard for it not to. I have struggled with self image since my teenage years always comparing myself to others as I fear many people, particularly women, do.. However, it has to be said that this has become less over time and sewing has definitely been a big part of that. In any event, I am not a confident person especially when it comes to parading around in swimwear and therefore when I saw this pattern I really liked the fact that it featured a crop top and you can choose from low or high rise bottoms and also add a band to the crop top. There is of course a full swimsuit option which I also really like the look of. I went with view C which is the low rise bottoms and the standard crop top.

cottesloe swimsuit bikini
As with all of Megan’s patterns the instructions are brilliant and it walks you through how to line the swimsuit and also using swimwear elastic. I have fully lined this bikini using power mesh and have also added sew in cups to the top.

cottesloe Megan Nielsen pattern
The fabric is really good quality and such a fun print its the Sunbathing Ladies Swimwear/Activewear Knit fabric. It has an extremely good amount of stretch both horizontally and vertically and due to being a good weight it was really easy to sew. I have to admit I was a little concerned that you would see the edges of the cups through the fabric but they are very well hidden due to the quality of the fabric.

cottesloe megan nielsen swimsuit
This is a really quick and easy sew especially if you have an overlocker with the only slightly tricky step being adding the elastic but that said I used flat swimwear elastic which was super easy to insert.
As you can see from the image of the bottoms the elastic is slightly tight around the waist and therefore I would use the elastic measurement for the next size up in the future. I made a size 2 top and definitely could have gone down even further as I took it in substantially on both sides. I guess it totally depends on the type of fabric you are using.

With regard to the bottoms they are slightly too low rise for me so if I were to make them again I would add ¾-1 inch to the height and I also wish I had used a slightly longer length zig zag stitch on the top as I did on the bottoms as the elastic has a tendency to roll forward with a shorter stitch.

To keep this sew as simple as possible I would recommend using a ballpoint needle and also a walking foot on your machine if you have one. If not a teflon foot should help the elastic and fabric glide through the machine more easily.

cottesloe swimwear Megan
So here I am with no filters, stretch marks, tan lines and all looking slightly more confident than I feel so please be kind.

Happy sewing.

Amanda xxx

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