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Hi everyone, my name is Dani and I write a sewing blog over at Pocket or Two. I am incredibly excited to share with you today the Dino Jersey Metro Tee I made for my partner Logan. 

dinosaur jersey metro tee

When I spotted the khaki coloured origami dinosaur jersey fabric on Pin & Sew’s website I immediately asked my partner if he’d like a new tee shirt. I was even more excited when Aga got in touch and asked if I’d like to write a blog post on my planned make with it for Pin & Sew. I sew a lot for myself; to be honest, sewing for other people makes me a bit nervous. Will it fit? Will they like it? Sewing really is my down time and so I don’t want it to feel pressured but fun. Anyway, I had already tried and tested this pattern out so knew that the tee would be a good fit for my partner. I was lucky enough to snatch some of the jersey up with the launch discount (and yes, I did get a little something for me too!) When the parcel arrived I was really pleased to see the paper packaging and, as always, the little touches (branded ribbon and little note) that make buying from independent fabric stores so enjoyable.

The pattern that I used is the Liesl + Co. Metro Tee. It’s a basic tee pattern and a really quick make (under two hours). I had it in my pattern stash already printed and cut out, ready to go. The cotton jersey fabric pre-washed really well at 30C. It has 8% elastane, so a little bit of stretch, and it’s a lighter weight jersey, so great for the hot weather. I had no problem cutting it out with my rotary cutter and pattern weights; I managed to get one tee from 1m of the (170cm wide) fabric. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might know that I have recently got a new sewing machine - so new, in fact, that this is only my second make on it. I used a combination of my new machine (with ball point needles) and my overlocker to sew up the pattern. The overlocker gives a professional finish to the inside of the garment, especially on tees and knit fabrics, but an overlock or wide zigzag stitch on a sewing machine works just as well to give a neat finish to your seams. 

selfless sewing - dinosaur tshirt

Although I sew a lot of tees, I’m never sure what’s going to happen with the neckband. Each jersey seems to bring with it a different amount of stretch and a different challenge (I’ve been known to cut a neckband off entirely and start again!) I’m really pleased to say that this time the pattern piece was right for the amount of stretch in this jersey. I decided to overlock the bottom edge of the neckband before I attached it to the main body of the shirt. I also tried using four wonder clips at the front, back and sides rather than pins to hold the neckband in place whilst sewing it. I just stretched the band between each clip whilst I sewed it. This seemed to do the trick! The only thing that I would do differently is use a different stitch to topstitch the neckband. I used the stretch stitch on my new machine and it doesn’t look very neat as a top stitch (it’s a bit like little lightning bolt shaped stitches!) In future, I’ll just use a narrow zigzag. After seeing the result, I chose to use a three-step zigzag for the sleeves and the hem, which my partner really likes the look of!

All in all, it’s a great make! The fit is really good. Logan has already been complimented on it – it’s such a cool dinosaur pattern and one for big kids as well as the little ones!

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