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PIN & SEW MAKES: Autumnal Zebre Sweatshirt.

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I couldn’t wait to make my first autumn garment of the year. I love this time of year, the beautiful colours, cooler evenings and perfect golden light.

I wanted a casual knit top that is easy to wear and one that will transition from season to season.

The colours in this French terry fabric were just perfect, mustards, pinks, oranges, browns and blues, and the floral print is a pretty. I know that I’ll be able to wear this all year round.

I decided to make the I Am Patterns Zebre. It’s a simple style with statement sleeves. A quick and relatively easy make, it took me about 2 hours all in all.

Zebre I am Patterns french terry sweatshirt
I love the sleeve details on this pattern, it just makes it a little different than standard sweaters. I decided to use the patterned fabric for the whole top, but you could also use a solid colour cuff and waist band for a different look.

sleeve Zebra pattern I am

i am patterns zebre
The fabric was a dream to work with. It washed well, pressed well and sewed perfectly in the overlocker. It would be an ideal fabric if you are new to knits as it behaves so well and is also super easy to cut out (it doesn’t stretch out of shape as you cut).

zebre sweatshirt
It’s so comfortable to wear as it isn’t thick and heavy, but it still has some structure to it.

So far I’ve tried it out with several different outfits.

Look 1 - worn with jeans (this will probably be my most worn look).

Look 2 - worn with my Wiksten Haori, just look how identical the colours are, pink and mustard my new favorite combination.

wiksten haori with i am patterns zebre

Look 3 - worn with my mini denim Rostari skirt.

Look 4 - worn with my denim York pinafore.

york pinafore with zebre sweatshirt
I love the fabric and the pattern and how they work together, and I know that I will get loads of wear out of it as it’s so versatile.

For the finishing touch I added 3 ceramic Whim Wham buttons at the shoulder, they blend in with the pattern of the fabric but just add that special detail.

I look forward to seeing what you make this autumn.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing.


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