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Hi there, my name is Amanda and if you don’t know me already I have a YouTube channel called I Sew A Lot and generally live up to my namesake as I do sew a lot!!!
I love to sew but one of my favourite fabrics to sew with is knit fabric as it is so easy to fit and when you get a good quality one such a pleasure to wear. So I was thrilled when I was in the market for some knit fabric and was contacted by the lovely Aga to ask if I would like to write a blog post here.

The weather in the UK has definitely started to cool down slightly and we are clearly heading towards autumn and all that cosy knitwear that goes with it. As soon as Aga showed me these sparkly navy sweatshirting fabric, on a day that had been a lot colder than I would like, I instantly knew that it would be perfect for a Nina Lee London, Southbank Sweater Dress.

I became obsessed with this pattern last year when it was released and have a few already in my wardrobe. I absolutely live in them as soon as the weather turns colder as they are perfect to throw on. I found myself constantly grabbing for them throughout the colder months as they are so easy to wear.
This beautiful sweatshirting has just the right amount of stretch and, due to its fleece back, it is super cosy. The most important thing about this fabric is of course that it has a lurex content and therefore has a beautiful sparkle.

I love to sew with knits but mainly use my overlocker as it is so quick and easy and gives a really fantastic finish. However, you can of course sew them on your regular sewing machine with the best part being that you do not need to finish the edges of most knit fabrics as they don’t fray.

When sewing with knits the most important thing, after pre-washing of course, is to make sure you are using either a stretch or ballpoint needle depending upon which kind of knit you are using. Stretch needles are generally for finer knit fabrics with ballpoint being for interlocks and double knits. The importance of using specific needs is that unlike universal needles stretch and ballpoint needles have rounded tips so rather than pierce the fabric they slip in between the fibres therefore avoiding pulls in the fabric.

In view of this fabric being a medium weight I made sure to change my needles on my overlocker before I started and took it really slowly as some of the seams, particularly the cuffs, collar and hem band were particularly bulky. I used regular thread but there are stretch options which are really useful for avoiding stitches from popping on your hems of knit garments.

I am totally in love with my latest addition to my Southbank Dress collection as this fabric is so cosy and comfy to wear and would also be perfect for hoodies, sweaters and jogging bottoms
I just need autumn to hurry up so i can start wearing it!!!
Until next time.
Amanda xxx


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  • Angela Best on

    I absolutely love this. The material you have used is gorgeous. I have just been given this pattern as a Christmas present, along with some beautiful fabric. I juat can’t decide what size to make as I fallen in between an 8 and a 10 on the measurements. I don’t want it to be too baggy, but I’m scared to cut the material and waste it. I don’t want to be personal and ask your measurements, but could you possibly help with letting me know whether you fell totally in one sizing band, or fell inbetween like me, and if so did you go and or down a size!!! Sorry to be a pain. Thank you xxx

  • May purney on

    Just love your you tube channel and also have recently found this lovely shop……if it was only in the US. I still got two lovely jerseys sent over the pond to Las Vegas and they arrived wrapped in their cute ribbon! I’m loving the sparkly jersey. Thanks for the discount 💗✂️👗💗✂️👗

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