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The Sewing Enthusiast Christmas Gift Guide

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Are you struggling to think of things you want to find under your Christmas tree this year? Or maybe your loved one is a sewist and you’ve no idea what to buy them?
Either way, you’ve come to the right place!
Let me introduce you to my (very subjective) list of must-have items for sewing enthusiasts that you can add to your Christmas list…

Things To Help You Improve Your Sewing Skills

I know we all love YouTube for comprehensive sewing tutorials and Google can immediately help us with a solution to our current sewing drama. However as a self-taught sewist I believe that it’s nice to have some extra resources when it comes to improving our sewing skills. Also being a self-confessed book addict, I just had to start my gift list with some of my favourite sewing and fashion books.

sewing books1. THE MAKER'S ATELIER: The Essential Collection 2. The Curated Closet: Discover Your Personal Style and Build Your Dream Wardrobe 3. The Palmer Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting  4. Tilly and the Buttons: Stretch!: Make yourself comfortable sewing with knit fabrics 5. Breaking the Pattern: A modern way to sew 6. A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabric

If books are not your thing you can ask Father Christmas for more ‘ hands on gift’ such as a sewing class. It can be face to face workshop at your local fabric shop or an online class. Sewing classes are a great way to learn a new skill or tackle more complex project such as jeans or a coat. Tilly and the Buttons, Sew Over It and Craftsy all run online classes which you can join from your own home (pyjamas and a glass of wine are optional).

online sewing classses1. Sew Over It, Intro to Sewing with Knit Fabrics Online Class 2. Craftsy,Serging Activewear 3. Craftsy, Full Bust Adjustment 4. Tilly and the Buttons, various workshops

Pretty Sewing Tools

We all need sewing tools, but some accessories are more desired than others. Sure, a tin of baked beans makes good pattern weight but hey, wouldn’t miniature Oreo cookie weight make your pattern cutting more enjoyable? I love pretty things; I believe that just because something is practical it doesn’t mean it should be ugly. Ugly things make me miserable as my sewing time is my happy time so I want to be surrounded with beautiful things! Cute sewing tools are like scented candles. Not necessary but they create the mood.

pretty sewing tools and accessories

1. Kylie and the Machine Labels 2. Coloured Tape Measure 3.  Heart Shape Pins 4.Teacup Pincushion 5. Geometric Rotary Cutter 6. Oreo Cookies Pattern Weights 7. Reel Pattern Weights 8. Snipster Embroidery Scissors 9. Personalised Sewing Journal 

sewing tools gift ideas

10. Liberty London Tape Measure 11. Cohana Magnetic Ceramic Spool 12. Novelty Pin Cushion 13. Cohana Thread Snips 14. Prym Love Thimble  15. Rose Gold Dressmaking Scissors 16. Cohana Button Weighs 17. Pink Cutting Mat

Gadgets & Accessories

Sewing is an important part of my life so I love having little accessories and gadgets around me reminding me of my awesome hobby. Whether it’s a sewist make up bag for my mascara or a pencil I use in the office!

sewing gifts ideas

 1. Sewing Quote Pencils 2. Sewing Words Poster 3. Sewing Club Enamel Pin 4.Thinking About Sewing Enamel Pin 5. Wooden Sewing Machine Brooch 6. Stitch Bitch Enamel Pin 7. Sewing Is My Superpower Make up Bag 8. Sewing Machine Earrings 9. Seamstress Enamel Pin

10. Sewing Chocolate Box 11. Sewing Necklace  12.  Sew Scrabble Brooch 13. Secret Pyjamas Squad Patch 13. Personalised Sewing Mug 15. Sewing Calendar 16. Sew Pretty Pocket Mirror 

I hope you enjoyed my list. And remember, if everything else fails – ask for fabric. You can never have too much fabric!

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