From the moment Pin & Sew idea was born I knew I wanted to run an environmentally conscious business. I want my actions to have as little impact on the environment as possible. I feel it is my responsibility as a small business owner to do my part for the environment.
I didn't want to contribute to the plastic pollution problem so I researched plastic-free alternatives to polythene mailing bags. Finding a substitute which was both eco-friendly and affordable was not easy. In fact it proved impossible! However when I removed the 'affordable' part I found this awesome postal brown bag . Our paper postal bags are compostable, degradable and can be recycled, however they still protect your new fabrics from getting wet or dirty. I thought that even if it costs us more money to post your beautiful fabrics, it is the environment that matters more! I am committed to not contributing to landfill, polluting the seas and poisoning marine life.